IAIP – 50th Anniversary Global Celebration of the CFA Program

Bell ringing ceremony at the BSE

May 29th, 2012

It was June 1963 when the first exam was offered and following this 268 investment professionals were awarded the CFA charter. Through the years the CFA Program has grown and today more than 100,000 professionals hold the CFA charter and practice the highest level of professional and ethical standards. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the CFA Program, IAIP, the member society of CFA Institute, got an opportunity to open the Bombay Stock Exchange at the bell ringing ceremony on May 29th; thanks to the kind support of the BSE Ltd. It should be noted that CFA Institute and CFA member societies around the world either opened or closed 26 stock exchanges right from Hong Kong to New York within a 24-hour period. Such a ceremony represent the greatest number of stock exchanges worldwide opened or closed by one organization on a single day and marks the international impact of the CFA Program.

The event began with the local tradition of lighting of the diya (lamp) by the board members of IAIP and guest of honor Nehal Vora, Chief Regulatory Officer, BSE Ltd. This was followed by the opening comments by IAIP Founding President Sunil Singhania, CFA, a short video clip from the CFA Institute and address by Nehal Vora. The session was moderated by Anil Ghelani, CFA, Director, IAIP.

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Sunil asked professionals to take personal responsibility to restore trust amongst investors and the 50 tangible steps drawn out in CFA Institute Integrity List* which could be followed for the same. Nehal emphasized the need for all professionals & institutions to keep themselves updated in the world that has become truly one and interlinked so as to survive for centuries as BSE one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia and second oldest in the world has done. Both Sunil and Nehal also unveiled the book “Gold Standard – A Fifty-Year History of the CFA Charter” by Nancy Regan.

* The CFA Institute Integrity List is a collection of 50 tangible steps that investment professionals can take to restore trust in the industry. The list was inspired by “real-world” ideas from CFA charter holders and members.  http://www.cfainstitute.org/about/vision/serve/Pages/integrity_list.aspx

Contributions by: Chetan Shah, CFA and Sitaraman Iyer, CFA both IAIP Volunteers

Photographs by: Santosh Samal

About IAIP

India Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP), which is established April 2005 and located in Mumbai, is an association of local investment professionals. As one of the 136 CFA Institute member societies, IAIP connects members to a global network of investment professionals. Consisting of portfolio managers, security analysts, investment advisors, and other financial professionals, IAIP promotes ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, facilitates the exchange of information and opinions among people within the local investment community and beyond, and works to further the public’s understanding of the CFA designation and investment industry.
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